Language Arts

In the Fall of 2010, when CDAT first began, we incorporated Autodesk and other products with the concepts of poetry in Language Arts.  The results were amazing.  Our 30 students scored above the school and district in the high-stakes standardized exams.

In the Fall of 2011 we expanded our 9th grade program from 30 to 55, and even grew our first group from 30 to 55 for 10th grade.  With 110 students, we once again crushed "the numbers", beating everyone else on the mandated testing.  What we're finding is that kids are learning the content more and more if they are given a creative choice with it instead of typical regurgitation.

Check out some examples below (on the front page, check out a project from a current 9th grader!)

  This first video was an effort to demonstrate poetry using 3D animation.  It was done by a team of 5 9th grade students in about 3 weeks, all new to 3DS Max.  We did use some resources from the 3DS tutorials, but most is original.  This project also caused us to have a "render farm" installed using our computer lab!  All music was student produced as well.  
  This next video was another spin on learning poetry, using some web resources, but almost all original to demonstrate their concepts.  While the first movie listed above is very abstract, this particular one utilized the animation/walkthrough of 3DS Max to embody the flight of the plane.    
  "Solitude" is the name of the first-person perspective game developed by a group of students to align with their Social Studies and Language Arts, shown to the right. The core of the project was focused on the classic novel "Lord of the Flies", with a plane "abducted", with the player forced to discover the island.  It involves mazes, monsters, etc., and everything from the virtual grass to the background music was developed by students.  

They also chose to focus on the French Revolution. The ‘lore’ in the game was that the island was inhabited by runaway Frenchmen that were sailing away and crashed onto the island. A lot of the notes show what life was like back during the time of the revolution, because many of them are journals. There is also a crashed boat on the island. 

They used 3DS Max, along with Unity3D Game Engine, to create some great work!