CDAT Science Samples

Starting in 2012, CDAT decided to take on Science as a core subject to connect with.  Two main reasons for that:  the first is that science is in

demand in society and we need to reinforce it, and the second is that students kept asking for it!  

In the Fall of 2012, we began offering both Chemistry and Biology to our 10th and 9th grade students, combined with 3DS Max and Language Arts.

CDAT Students, Science and Autodesk

Students have so many positive things to say about the software, and how it enables them to learn science, not just "hear" the science from the teacher.

While students create with their 3DS and Science skills, the teacher can then work with those students who have more trouble with the topic, efficiently teaching with very real application.

Since we only started 3DS Max in October 2012, we've only got a few examples.  However, so many of the students enjoy it, more cool examples will be online soon!

Keep in mind that most instruction was the video set found at and additional instruction was given upon request (most kids didn't need it!).