3DS for fun and business

Once students get addicted to 3DS Max via their Language Arts projects, they spend hours each day with tutorials, imagination, etc. We have installed a Unity3D engine on a machine at the school as well for students to start sharing ideas and collaborating on projects.  

We have students showing up EARLY to school each day just to plan their Autodesk work towards their products, in large part due to what Autodesk and Unity3D can do together.

Beyond fun, some of our students are already involved in entrepreneurial circles in the Atlanta area, check out the second set of images below.


This is a fun series of images from our first year, when students just started getting hooked on this stuff and practicing skills:


The concept below is so cool!  After one year with us, 4 of our students entered an entrepreneurship contest at http://atlanta.startupcamper.com/.  They came away in 3rd place! We can't share all of the details, as they are presenting this concept to a couple of Fortune 500 companies as a marketing tool!!   Using a combination of 3DS Max and augmented reality, they are already competing with professionals!

The picture to the right is the beginning of the future of our city, Sugar Hill, GA.  The city is creating a downtown area, with a city hall and amphitheater already underway.  We have decided to try and build out the rest of the town according to the town plan.  Our goal is to build a walkthrough as well as a Unity3D user-controlled environment, and put this on the city website.  We're primarily using Revit for development, but use 3DS Max for city-mandated styles/textures, and we will be using Civil 3D for accurate terrain and road modeling.  We're very interested in checking out the Geppetto feature in Autodesk Labs for crowds.

One student on this project has just started his own business using Revit:  he will do 3D visualizations of home remodeling.  He's already got his first job modeling someone's kitchen renovation!