Phys Ed with Math

In the Fall of 2011, we decided to add Math and Physical Education to our CDAT program.  Math was chosen because our results in Language Arts have been excellent, and Math is a challenging subject.  P.E. was selected because it's one other avenue of creativity and learning.

While nothing is ever perfect, especially at the outset, we had some great results!  Our project titled "Bullfit" required students to create 3D models (using Revit or 3DS Max) of a modern option for physical education.

To the right you can see a model of a mini-golf course hole, developed in 3DS Max.  They actually made all 18 holes in the shape of a Longhorn head (our school mascot).  Below that you can see a large, adjustable maze that the students wanted to add to our campus!  This was made in Revit.  Finally, there's a go-kart that will circle a football field, developed using a combination of 3DS and Inventor.  

So far our Math results have been amazing: our students are not only beating the school and district averages (as have our Language Arts), but these students are beating the averages of the same teacher's traditional students!  The "Bullfit" project shown to the right utilized projected budgets and parts lists.  While not connected to their classroom math at the time, it was significant, real math.

And P.E. is not only used in modeling, but it's a great way for our young students to destress from all of the creativity and get back on track.  These subjects are here to stay in CDAT!