Social Studies

Students can be ravenous about Social Studies and Language Arts if given the right incentive.

So, instead of writing your typical term paper about a Medievel era, how about making a playable village?  The pictures to the left are a couple of views of this particular village that 2 students made for their World History/Language Arts class in 10th grade.

The students used Revit for many of the structures, and 3DS for some of the simpler structures and items.  They also used 3DS for many of the textures you see, then they dropped it all into a Unity3D engine.

It's not that writing is ignored, nor the history.  They have to write full proposals and outline the history that they will include prior to development.  What we're finding is that students are learning at a greater depth since they have choice and authentic products.

We are in our first semester of Social Studies, but have high hopes.  It's a great story-telling subject, just watch the making of "Mulan" or similar movies!

(Click on the pictures to the left to zoom in.)