Hi, and welcome to the CDAT/Lanier High School site for showcasing the work we've done through Autodesk programs. Please don't take the lack of design of this website as any indication of our design, we're more focused on the Autodesk than good web (for now).

What do we do?  We are like a school within a school that does "school" a little differently.  Because we have many gaming and engineering companies around us, and because students love the gaming, entertainment and creativity software worlds like Autodesk, we merge those interests into traditional core classes.  

Sure, we use Autodesk to learn the software, but we primarily use them as one tool in producing creative work instead of traditional schoolwork. For example, a group of students might make a movie or video game to demonstrate the concept of an "epic" instead of reading the entire "Odyssey" and writing a long paper on it.  We use Autodesk to create these cool products.

Our results in Math and Language Arts have been outstanding, above the school and district average, and kids love the creative, flexible atmosphere.  We think we're onto something...

For information, visit http://cdat.lanierhs.org 

(The picture above is just one depiction of the island described in "The Most Dangerous Game", a common short story in secondary school.  It was made by a 9th grade student after a few hours of 3DS Max tutorials.)